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Our Mailing Address:
R & R Candy Molds - 1447 Forest Dr. - Akron, Ohio. 44312

Our Office Numbers:
Phone - 330-784-4101
Fax - 330-784-4126
Toll Free - 888-589-6652

Mold Pricing:
All Molds Are $2.00 Unless Otherwise Stated.

All 2 Piece Molds Are Priced As Follows:
( 1" to 3½" - $3.00 ) - ( 4" to 4½" - $4.00 ) - ( 5" to 5½" - $4.50 ) - ( 6" to 10" - $5.00 )

Standard Large 1pc Molds - $3.00

IMPORTANT - You must use the correct form when ordering!

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---- Retail Only Customers ----

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